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New: Free Spirit Template Pack and When Is Parenting Actually Done?

My kids, boys, now. They ARE men.

25 and soon to be 23. Both very capable, confident, hard-working, each in his own way. We did everything right or as close to right as we could figure out how to do. And it has been paying off. Our oldest is a 4.0 student, about to leave in a few days for a full semester in England. He will be all over and it is another dream fulfilled for him. But yesterday, he was moving all of his things from his apartment into our spare room, a room my husband had planned on renovating into his own space. My house was utter chaos yesterday and today as he worked to get it all here and jam it into the spare room like a Rubik's cube. We now have an extra couch in the living room and 2 dogs to take care of (again) while he is away until May. He has to let the apartment go, no way was he going to pay rent on a space he would not be living in and I cannot say I blame him. I gently told my husband, it is only a few months, then you can make your space…
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TSSA is Back to Blogger and a special discount!

Good Morning!

Last year, I switched to a new blog and it was a fun blog to use...but for some reason, it does not generate the visitors I get on Blogger. So I am back here and hoping to get my visitors again.
I think what I would like to change starting this year, is to get a little more personal instead of being all business. I know I like to visit blogs where the designer shares a bit of herself. I am assuming you may be like that also, or some of you. :) You can let me know in the comments.
For 2019, I started a new monthly Mix N Match products line, so I am currently working on February, so fun with Valentines Day an easy and sweet theme! I am loving the way it is turning out. I can share the palette with you but that is it at this point...

I added the lighter and darker contrasting colors. It is turning out to be a fun and pretty palette to work with so far. Here are the previews to January 2019 Mix N Match:
Special link below.
My Creative Team did an outstanding job as usual. I will ju…