Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am selling at another store! Yeah!

I adore the name of this appeals to me. :o) Spoil Me Pink Scraps. This is a new store, just opened on october 13th and wow! They already have alot of items for sale with a good selection of designers...I am sure they will grow at a rapid rate! can now buy my stuff from here too!

Want a teaser of my next kit called Charlie? I will let you see the palette for it then. I am going for a boy theme...not easy cause let me tell you...I have a hard time shopping for my boys talk about decorating for them too! Girls are so easy, flowes, ribbons...anything frilly and sweet..and there is a lot of it. so much. But I have been scouting around and found a slew of items on sale this morning at You hear that Julee? Get your butt over there And I bought everything I could that could be used in a boy kit. I did. I spent $9.96 on a total of 10 items. Now that is a heck of a sale! the palette!

If you are into designing and would like to have fun while coming up with a palette to work with, I would suggest you go to I used a palette I made there for Lake Sunshine too! My user name there is Jodiii if you want to check out some of my stuff!