Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just an update...

Okay, my first kit is Pretty Bluink! For $3.00, you can have all this!

I ran across a blog earlier and it was downright depressing! This woman has been trying to make a living at this...and is finding that there are so many freebies available on the internet...that she sees no sense in continuing to try and sell. I can see her point, but you know what? I have no expectations that I can even support my family with this. I love doing it, it makes me happy, it will help with a little extra cash...maybe when we most need it...and that is all good. I am just excited to know that other digital scrapbooking lovers will be using my creation! I guess it all depends on one's expectations! This is new to me so if I keep my goals short term...and take baby steps...who knows....posative thinking! That is the Secret!