Friday, October 24, 2008

A Mother In Need

So, I am scrouring blogs this morning, looking for any help I can get with commercial use freebies to help me design. When I came across this blog,

Jeanie is a foster mother, trying to help out another foster mother and her family. The Mom, Mrs. A is fighting breast cancer and has just given birth to a baby as well! Through donations, the needs of the baby are met...but now they are stuggling to pay thier electric bill and much more! The Dad in this family has been laid off from his job and because it is Union, he cannot look for another as he would lose the healthcare his wife desperately needs right now. So...head on over to the Scrapdoctor...and make a donation if you can. I did. It was only $5.00 but any amount will help this family in need.

An added bonus...if you have never been to The place of lollypops and stickers, she gives out scrapping freebies! I am heading back there now to checkout her offerings!