Thursday, October 9, 2008

Newest layouts: boys..the one day a year they are perfect gracious and sweet and thankful for all thier gifts...then there is December 26th and all returns to No, they are good This is Christmas 2003. Skyler was 7, Zack was 10. Man! Time is slip, sliding away....

Layout made with The Christmas Collection by Sass N Scrap Designs, designer Diana Miller. I added the borders to the pictures myself with PSP 9. I do hope you like it. Here is the direct link to this kit: The Christmas Collection

And here is a layout I did with my own designs.....I am having so much fun...I am! I cannot help making layouts as I add more things to the kit. This Kit will be called Pink Summer. This is my SIL when she was a sprout. She was cuuute! Now she is a mother of 2...slip, sliding way...slip sliding la la la la

I have been having an emotional morning. Trying to get my son into the doctor only to find out...they no longer accept our insurance...helllo-O...can you say...letter? Where was the freaking letter stating that we should find a new providor? Why did I have to find out the morning I needed them? Luckily for them, I became a blubbering emotional mess on the phone and the doctor called a prescription! I hate it when I cry but it does do I still feel the crying know, when you are spent, but it still feels like it is right there...ready to burst again? yeah...that's me. Thanks for letting me is good to vent.
Have a wonderful day!