Monday, November 3, 2008

A new Kit and A New Freebie!

Hi! I uploaded a new kit into the store today and one the day before..... I am solid with Shop Crafty Scraps...still working the kinks out of Spoil Me Pink Scraps...and believe it or not...I was accepted at another store! yeah! But I think that is about all I can do for getting way too busy and the villagers are wondering where the washer woman went. lol I'm in here!!! Designing kits!!! what kits did I upload in the last few days? Here is a look:

Charlie: You can get this kit for $3.00 in three seperate files!

I also have a set of brag book pages that will be in the stores soon too to go with this kit. Here is a sneak peak at one of the bragbook pages....I had to use
Ground Level
I will post two freebie quick pages for this kit tomorrow.....I have to keep you coming back!

The other kit I uploaded is called Ground Level. I cannot explain why I called it this...but the colors reminded me of the ground although the theme is a bit on the girly, old...antique-ish side. I am lucky I gave my kids good names! Ok? lol Here it is! This will come in two seperate files gor just $3.00!

I know..I are wondering where the freebie is right? I got it....I got it...let me pull it out...ah! here it is...a nice little charm that I learned how to make this morning...and I LOVE IT!!! I just love this! If you know me..(Julee) you will know that I adore this little charm! Oh! You want to see? Here, have a look...then you can snag it too...leave some love when you download..I have been working hard! This charm is made to coordinate with Ground Level..don't you love the feathers on top!? lol

Okay...I am officially whooped for the day...