Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I received an award!

Becky from Designs by Marbeled Circle gave me this award tonight! I really means alot to receive awards. it means that you must be doing something right to have your name or blog pop up in another designers head....My relationship with Becky has been one of respect and prefessionalism. She is always gracious and friendly. I look forward to a long friendship with her!

Now, to pass it on....

Lina at BlessedSerenity because she is up for anything and really deserves a little pick me up!

Jody at JIC Creations because she has been a good friend from the get go...don't know how I would accomplish so much without her! Thank you Jody!!

Ree at My Life As A Hotfessional because this woman is brave to bare it all...and she does. She is so funny, she should have her own citcom. Her view on life around her will have to holding your sides! Plus, she really cares about her can't beat that!

Debbie at Digital Keepsakes because she is such an a digital scrapbooker..I wanna be her when I grow up! She has a great eye and she is so very helpful when I need her...Thanks Debbie!