Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Intoducing New Creative Team Members!!

One at a time as I get their info rolling in....we will start out with Lina from the beautiful state of Alaska! Lina...take a twirl around the Work it Okay, get back, tell us a little something about yourself! We want to know more about you!

My name is Lina, I'm a married stay at home mother of two little boys. I've lived in Alaska for more then 20 years, and its hard to imagine life anywhere else. I've always been creative, all through my childhood I was drawing and creating. After highschool that creativity manifested itself through photography. I've worked on my photography technique throughout the years and even have a few clients of my own. Digital scrapbooking seemd like a logical choice to move to hand in hand with digital photography. Now that I have files and files of digital images what better way to continue being creative and to show off my photos then to make scrapbook pages? My style is few photos and lots of elements. Anything to make the photos pop. I love color, quotes, Frames and embelishments. Scrapbooking for me, is a way to show off the creative side and I love to share it with others.

Thanks Lina! Okay...if you really want to get to know her better and see what amazing photos Lina takes, pop on over to her blog. Her little boys are so cute...wait until you see their eyes. they really capture your attention!