Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some Odds and Ends you want to see the kit palette I am working on? It is turning out so divine! I am calling it Intuition.
It has an air of that mystery woman about it....the one you see going around a corner but never can quite catch up to? You know the That is what I think of anyway. Here is a sample of one background a a few elements....the kit isn't even done! I am loving it so much! And working hard too! It took me about, I won't even say....Many Hours to extract that necklace! Which I am wearing right And yet, I still managed to do dishes, vacuum, wash the hallway floor and watch kids aaaand make dinner yesterday....My Creative team members have been busy too! You have to go check out thieir blogs to catch a few more freebies...I know of an alpha and two quickpages. :o) Link are on the right under Creative team! These girls are doing me proud! I am so lucky to have them :o)
I wanted to mention also...that in order to leave a message on 4shared, you have to sign in and it has to be done before you actually download whatever it is you want. So..if you don't want to go through the hassle of can leave me love right here! or of course wherever you are at getting a freebie!
Peace out...Jodi