Monday, December 22, 2008

Full Size Kit Release: Julee

Well, here it is at long last. :o) This is Julee, named after my best friend of at least 20 years now. She is a huge tree lover...loves to take pictures of them and has her livingroom decorated with trees as the beautiful! So, I made this turned out pretty good and will work well for autumn pictures. I hope you all like it as well. You can get it at for up to half off with the coupon code Happy Holidays. Just look under my designer name Throwing Some Scraps Around. It currently sells for $3.00. You can get it until January 2nd for $1.50! Oh! You want to seeee ya go!

I know Lina has put up some layouts on her blog made with this kit...her boys are so cute! lol I love looking at them...she also has some QP's made that you can get for visit her please. :o)
Would you like a freebie from me as well? Hmmm...let me see if I made anything for this kit, hold on...digging, digging....ah! yes! Maybe you will like this....

This is a teabag is may do with it what you restrictions. Kust right click and save.
Have a great week everyone!