Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sharing some news!

I am now a designer at Digi Scrap Station! If you have not been there...walk slowly, don't run....and head on over!! lol It is a great store, the images are big to start with so you really know what you are looking at right off. There is a forum and a gallery! You just have to go see it....

Next on the news list....while some are winning Golden Globe Awards this week...I won an award too. I did. From a real nice lady named Franny at Pickle Beans. It is the Scrapping Star Award. See, I am a star too! And I did not even have to put on an evening gown or carry a clutch or drag my arm behind me as my diamonds are just so darn heavy! lol I wish! *sigh* Okay...snap out of that daydream....Here is my award.

I have to award five other people with this award as well...hmmm...decisions, decisions...I had an easier time voting for the President. There were only two of them, but there are trillions of talented scrapbook designers...

Jody at JIC Creations because she is the nicest girl and works very hard to make and promote her kits...she also has been invaluable to me...she will never know!

Kim at Kim b's Digi-scraps and Designs cause I LOVE her stuff and have been buying it too! She is so talented...when I grow up I wanna be just like her!

Deb at The Scrappin Cop because she makes the cutest and most usefull items for we! I know! And I do mean useful. She has even unknowingly inspired me to design some of my own critter templates which I have not released don't know me Deb but I thank you!

Shawna at Scrap Stuff with PSP Tutorials...what a resource! I have learned so much by using Shawna's tuts....I so appreciate people who take the time wo write these so they are easy to follow...and put them out there to pass on the craft of designing. Thank you Shawna!

and last but not least! Patricia at Wonderful Waste of Time for many of the reasons I already mentioned for the others...she has awesome tutorials and great resources as well for a designer like me! Thanks!

There you have the I am off to tell them all....bye!