Monday, February 16, 2009

The most coincidental thing happened....

About 3 and a half weeks ago, I was surfing the blogs on my favorites list and I found a kit that was very much like one I had finished about 3 weeks before I saw this one. My kit is called Slumbering, this one was called Slumber. My kit was in deep purples, her kit was in lighter shades of purple. I had glittery hanging stars! So did she!! Oh, the agony! lol I had not released mine yet, and there was her kit, already on her blog and I just knew if I released mine, I would have people calling me a copycat. I am not a copycat. So, I emailed Dannie from The Urban Fairy to tell her about our kits and that I was willing to change the name of mine, but I just wanted her aware that I had a kit similar to hers in idea and structure. She was completely wonderful! She said no, don't change your title...let's advertise them, together! So here we are today...I will first show you Dannie's kit Slumber. It is delicate and pretty! She did a fantastic job on it!
Just click on the PIC to visit Dannie's Blog...but wait! You have to come back to check out my kit too...or look at it now and go check out The Urnban Fairy
Mine is very different...but those three things I mentioned earlier really had me in a tizzy! lol
This is my Slumbering. You can buy it at:, or at . I will be updating this post later with some layouts from my Creative Team. If you sign up for the newsletter at Michelles-Angels you can get a free brag book page made with this kit. It is only for newsletter subscribers! The link is to the right, it is a Yahoo Group Newsletter sent out once a week.