Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Artarazzi Challenge

Here is my result, the challenge was to take the image this woman was on...use her in some new way...I am guessing...cause the only requirememt I could see was to use the I am a scrapbook it may take me a while to break out of that comfotable style...I did not exactly extract her as it would have taken forever and a day..I used the smudge tool and pushed the edges in towards her. I then selected the botton part of her dress and changed the color to match the enlarged flower behind her. Both flower and paper aredesigned by myself and from my My Deepest Love Kit. I am not sure of the measurements, but it looks close to a 5x7 and great for a card front. Please feel free to use for such!

I sure do hope you like her!

You can purchase the kit right here...just click on the My Deepest Love label down and to the right! It is $3.00! One of those posts has the Buy Now button through paypal. You could also go to and get it for 25% off, or and get it for 60% off!