Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Award

It is always such a pleasant surprise to recieve an award.....This is from Leah over at Something New.

Premio Dardos Award. "The PREMIO DARDOS AWARD" acknowledges the value of every blogger who shows effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literacy and personal values everyday. I don't know if I fit that description but I can say this...It is at least half right! lol I do try to live my life ethically and my personal values have much to do with my faith in God and Jesus Christ. So, thank you Leah for bestowing me with this beautiful award! There are rules to this award, I am supposed to pass it on but honestly, I just cannot pass it on! It requires 15 people and just the thought of picking 15 people and setting up the links, and letting them all know it is here...overwhelms me. I suffer from anxiety and this brings it out for me! lol It is not funny! But it is.
Leah will be my guest CT this month. You should be seeing some work she has done with my kits this weekend. :o) I will intoduce her better then, but for now, you can go visit her blog and go ga-ga over her outstanding layouts. The woman is a marvel!
Thanks for stoppin by!