Monday, April 27, 2009

Another layout with Gentleness

This is the kit...same as in the previous post...still on sale through Wednesday at and through the rest of the week at for $1.75. That is half off the regular price! And here is a layout I made with it...I am so happy with how this turned out! This is my BFF since the 10th grade! We spent Saturday tilling the soil at her house...okay...I lie. She and my Mom and her main man tilled the soil. I was busy babysitting and they got done so fast...they even had the manure mixed in! So I was the house bitch for the I was supposed to wait on all three hand and foot...but lets face it...I am not a tiller of the soil and I don't make a great slave either. I did however do the dishes after a cookout we family of 4, my Mom and step-dad and Julee and her main man (cause you know...there are just tons more out there so he is the Main man. lol) So that was dishes for 8 people...Fine! We use paper plates and plastic utensils...and styrofoam bowls....I suck. lol

About the layout...Julee just bought this new camera she has been slobbering over for about a year now...she got it a few weeks a few years you will see her photos gracing the cover of TIME magazine...prove me wrong! lol So I wanted to get a pic of her in her beginning stages....I like it. Where did I get the inspiration for this fab to die for layout you ask? Why...I got it from none other than Pencil Lines sketch #132! So you too can make great layouts, if you don't already...let me know what you think!