Thursday, April 16, 2009

This One Day: New PTU Kit!

I am hoping you all will be able to tell a story with this kit...I imagined a day in the park, or a family gathering while creating it. :o) How do you like my little ladybug?...I crafted it myself! The irises are from my own garden last year. If you do buy it, I would love to be able to post some of the layouts here! I am selling it for $3.25, but for the next weeK, until Wednesday at midnight, you can get it for $1.62! That is a miniscule under half off! a penny This is a full size kit and it is available at Michelles-Angels here.
Lina has created some fun layouts with this kit! It is so colorful and perfect for these little boys!
I love how all the blue elements and papers work so well together in this layout...
That orange matches Brennan's shirt that a word?
These pics of Brennan are so nice! I love the one on the has that Hollywood Glamour pose to his Great job Lina! You can visit Linas site Blessed Serenity... and get the word art that is used in this layout for free! It is in greyscale for recoloring!
I will be back with more! Thanks for stopping in!