Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ocean Views PTU Kit

This is Ocean Views. The idea behind this kit and the palette came from Lina Poulson of Blessed Serenity. This kit is available right now at half price ($1.75) at http://www.michelles-angels/.com and at Just click on the new products link at each store and it will be there in the listings. or click on my designer name: Throwing Some Scraps Around and you will see everything I have to offer. On Friday, you can find it available at

So of course, I had to make a layout with My Dad and Step-Mom. Instead of using the border as waves, I used as a....well..I used it as a border! lol Always remember, those shots you take that you look at and say...crap! I need to take another one..this one isn't right...I took three of those before getting the good one...don't delete the bad ones...they can tell a funny story when you use them all in one layout. I love the way my step-Mom is fiddling with his shirt or something there...then he wasn't looking, then she closed her eyes and finally...ah! the perfect picture. They all work great together!
Next up is from my newest CT member...Jodi. Yes! another Jodi, I cannot get enough of You can visit her blog here and see what else she has in the works. She just started to blog so please leave her some comments! Great layouts Jodi, it almost looks like the swirly is the path the butterflies are on!

I love the font for the title in this one...a very beautiful little girl too!

The next layouts are from our very pregnant CT member Lina. Lina is the one that came up with the palette and the inspiration behind the ocean theme....if you stop by her blog, you can pick up some QP's from her made with this kit. Leave some love though! She said she may be late in posting about this kit so check back if she hasn't posted yet!

Who would have thought to do a layout about a boy and the remote control? So funny! Love his faces... lol I think he means it!
This is Lina's sister...nicely done Lina!

Ah, progress in belly I remember those days well! Wish I had thought to document my pregnancies so well...I am jealous Lina!

That is all I have for now...will popst more later if I have anymore layouts to show you