Thursday, June 18, 2009

Like No Tomorrow: New Kit!!!

This is my newest creation, Like no tomorrow. I picked out the color palette and was actually trying something new for me...2 colors with 3 varying shades of each from darker to lighter. I did the first two papers and way! I hate it! I thought it was not going to have enough color to it...But then I said, well, I will do a few more papers and see how it looks then...and then I started loving it! It worked! lol Is it not the most cheerful thing you have seen all day? (Don't answer mothers with infants) I hope you like it as much as I do. It is on sale for half off for two weeks. The last day you can get it for only $1.50 will be July 1st. So grab it while it is hot! Here or Here
My last 4 items are still on sale as well so take a gander at them too. :o)
This is a layout I made with the kit, this layout will also be in the QP set that will be in the stores soon as well. This is a picture of my nephew and my two boys. Zack in the middle looks JUST like me at that age, but now he looks like his dad for the most part...And look at the honking feet on my youngest son! Don't tell his Dad I had an affair with Fred
Wendy Tunison made the next two layouts! I love how little you need to do layouts...fill it up, or minimize what you use, but make it work people! lol I watch too much Bravo! lol

Wendy also made a beautiful quick page for all of you! Damn! This girl is good! I will be using this one. It may not be on her site yet, so please check back.
And look what Jodi did! her little girl is so darn cuuute!
I will be posting Jodi's other layouts with Lina's tomorrow cause I accidently deleted it just now...for some cosmic reason,when I upload a photo after I type words, I cannot make the photo move down where I want it. But if you want to see some more now...I just peeked...she has them up and she did great on them!

Thanks for stopping in!