Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lina's Joy Train and A CU Freebie

This is Lina. She is a valued and active member of my Creative Team. Lina found out she was pregnant for her 3rd child last fall and had a very difficult start to her pregnacy. She was very ill and incapacitated, which is difficult when you have a a toddler and a 4 year old running around! Come to find out, Lina was carrying twins and sadly lost one of them. This was devestating news, but we were happy that she was okay and that the other baby still thrived. Lina is due in August and we thought it would be a wonderful gift to her and other expectant mothers to do a baby themed blog train! The due date for all participants is July 15th. We do have a Yahoo group and a blog where your blog will be linked if you decide to join us on this baby train! Just email me at if you wouldlike to be added as one of our "stops". Train is scheduled to depart on August 1st! The ad and palette is below. The palette is available aat the yahoo group once you join without the ad.

And I admit it, I hoped to lure some designers to my blog with the offer of a free CU flower that I designed. I was hoping if I could get some of you here, you would see the post about the blog here is the free CU flower. I do hope you enjoy it wether you join the train or not! Please follow my TOU when using this template. Just click on the preview to download from 4shared.
FREEBIE : Commercial use