Thursday, June 4, 2009


12 Papers and a whopping 47 elements. You can grab this kit on sale for 1/2 off the retail price of $3.50. This full size kit can be yours this week for as little as $1.75! Don't miss out!
Here or Here But guess what? You can get this kit for free! Yes you can!!! Just head on over to the element challenge at Michelles-Angels forum, do the challenge, follow the rules (real easy) and I will send you the links to this kit. You cannot beat that bargain!

Now, for the layouts made with this kit...first up, mwah. lol My BFF and I went to Mexico, NY last week and saw two horses running on either side of a fence...they were playing! So we pulled over and Julee let me use her awesome camera...but by the time I got close enough to the fence, they had split up and two ladies walked out...drat! But I took some pictures anyway. I Love that fence! The horse is okay too. lol He was gorgeous!

This is Julee's son Jakob. He is a funny guy and shows much promise to become an outstanding specimen of the human race! I love him. He is the nephew of my heart. I mean look at him, you want him to be your nephew too...don't-cha? I love the dandelion puffs in this kit..okay, there is one, but I love it...I even took the picture of it myself. Dandelions are a nice masculine addition for a flower....
Here are Wendy's Layouts...look at her showing off her daughters hair! Very Meg Ryan-ish, when she grew her hair remember! Wendy, you better watch out...this girl has Calendar Girl written all over her! lol She had a sweet baby neck too!

Johnny Depp...Need I say more? He is soooo....sooooo...yummy! lol

And check out the QP Wendy made for all of you...just go to her blog to download pretty!
Inkin' and Thinkin'

Here are jodi's layouts...oh, my...she was ready to POP! What a beautiful sweet baby girl..well worth the effort I would say!
And these are a couple of pictures on a layout of her baby shower. You were adorable Jodi!

And here are Lina's layouts....her boys are so cute and they look like they are keeping her hopping!

Do you think he loves his Daddy? I am thinking he does! I love how you made this a black and white photo, great against the kit!

That is all I have folks...thanks for stopping in :o)