Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Kit: Peaceful Sunday and a Freebie!

I am back....lost my mojo there for a bit. Saw my oldest son off to USMC boot camp in November, he graduated on February 10th. We are so proud of him...A lot of letter writing and finding a new order to things without him around.  It all put me in a designing slump. But he is doing great which makes me happy and it could be the weather around here...has been in the mid 70's and today 81F in Central NY...I mean did we even have a winter? Barely. But it makes me feel good and hopeful and like designing again. lol So, on with the show!

This is Peaceful Sunday. I actually started this in October. Sad but true. It was just a nice lazy and peaceful day at the house....and these colors remind me of that feeling. Soft and mellow. Nice.

This kit includes 9 fabulous papers, and 40 awesome elements that really work well together...if I do say so You know it is a good kit when you have no problem placing elements. No thinking required, it all works. This is one of those if you have been looking :o)

$4.50...but....$3.50 through March 27th!

I love paper packs and have started making one to coordinate with every kit I put out. This serves two purposes...1. More options to go with the kit! .....and 2. Some people want just the paper without paying extra for the entire kit as they are hybrid scrappers, or they do decoupage, or make get the idea. This is for them.

The paper in the Paper Pack Extra is completely different from what is in the kit.

Yes. Glitter. Loooove the glitter. I use it in almost all of my layouts...almost. Glitter can change a layout from lovely to Ah-maziiiing! This set coordinates with the kit as well.
It all coordinates, all of it. :o)


I am a designer and I can do pretty good layouts...these are made from templates though as I am not at my desired level of expertise yet although sometimes I get lucky and will use my own! I hope you like them as much as I do...


All in all, if you buy all 5 items shown in this preview below, it comes to $10.50. This includes the Facebook Timeline that is $1.00 sold seperately as well. You can buy this bundle though and get all 5 products for $8.50 and even better than that, it is on sale also through the 27th for $7.50. 
That's a deal folks! Take advantage!

I can't believe you have read this far...I am in a talkative mood. :o)
This is one layout I made, it is me and my best friend Julee almost 20 years ago. I had a 2.5 month old baby at the time...he is now a Marine.  I'm going to cry.
The free QP I made this layout with is directly below!

Freebie QP!! You made it! Just click on it, it will take you to Dropbox.

 And this is the freebie Timeline QP that you can get by visiting my facebook page :o)
Click the Pic!

Tomorrow I will have more example made by Bren and a link to her blog where you can get more freebies. :o) Thanks for dropping in!