Friday, December 12, 2014

New Release: Melancholy and some Freebies!

Have you had those days...when there is plenty to do but you keep walking around, feeling restless? That is melancholy...when you feel a little depressed but for comes out with great feelings of boredom as well. I hate feeling like that! You would thing with scrapping as my passion, it would never happen, but it does. I hope you can relate with this kit.

Each preview is linked to my shop.

Some great layouts for inspiration!




Kim (Chili)



My good friend Bren of Brenian Designs has made a matching template set! I used this for my QP easy and every format available to use!

 My talented friend Lisa of The Cherry on top made this set of clusters for you!
Just click on the preview to download!

And I made this QP out of one of my layouts! You can grab it on my FB wall! 
No likes required though appreciated if you do!

That is all for now...Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!
Merry Christmas!