Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Coupon Good For The Weekend!

 Well, the weekend is coming, or already here, depending on when you read this...
wouldn't it be great to have a new kit to work with?  
I am pretty low priced in my opinion and I know how hard it can be to afford a hobby and walking away from something I really want, well, it stings! I do it all the time! I hate it! 
So here I have for you a sweet coupon to throw in the mix and you will have yourself a glorious deal!

Use this code: OOOH25OFF (copy now and paste at checkout time!) 
to get 25% off when you spend $3.00 or more! 

To wet your appetite and to remind you of some of my great is some eye candy!

Thanks for stopping by or opening that e-mail! Have a wonderful weekend!