Wednesday, May 4, 2016

iNSD Sale and Freebie

It seems like iNSD is starting to take off really early. Designers are posting freebies and sales waaay ahead of the 7th. I have seen some as early as last weekend. It is like Christmas in But with all the deals and freebies..I am not really complaining, just pointing out an observation! haha

I tried to hold off, I did..but I wanted to catch that here it is. ;)

Today is the start of my 50% off sale! 
The whole store is on sale!
      I Hope to see you there. smile emoticon

And here is the freebie you can find on my facebook Fan Page!
Limited time only, It goes into my shop on the 11th!

Here is a layout I made with it. :)

Enjoy your iNSD celebration and all 
the fun and goodies that come with it!