TSSA One Year Membership

This service will begin in January 2017. You may purchase this membership at any time. Any membership purchased before the 15th of each month will receive the current months products. Any membership purchased after the 14th will start receiving their products in the following month and is when their membership will officially begin. All kits and template sets will be received on each release day. There will not be a set date for this but you are guaranteed at least one of each every month, possibly more.  Your Paypal email address will be the email I use to send you your goodies!
If you want to use a different email, just email me at tghjlw (at) gmail.com with membership in the subject line.

I am now creating Daily Planner Stickers and TN Dashboards. These previews will also be in the preview folder of your kit downloads. These are not a part of your membership package.

A peek at the second half of March!

Plus...depending how each month works out..(a release every 2 weeks)
there may be an extra kit or template set every now and then like there was in January!!

Because you popped on in here to find out more about my Membership Club, I want to offer you a stackable cluster set made with Winter Is Here, a kit that released Feb 24th! Enjoy!